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internet in this direction. >> say you want to buy a car, you can type prius on google and get publicly available information, or you can type prius on facebook and get personal advice about it from your friends. >> are you trying to turn everything we do on the web into a social function? >> i think what we found is that when you can use products with your friends and family and the people you care about they tend to be more engaging. i think that we are really going to see this huge shift where a lot of industry is, and products are just going to get remade to be social. >> it is already happening. this year, people spent more time on facebook than on google. >> joining me now is ken auletta he writes the annals of communications column for the new yorker magazine, also from stanford california, michael malone, he is a veteran silicon valley journalist and author from the consumer electronic show in las vegas, david kirkpatrick, he wrote the facebook effect, i am pleased to have all of them here on this program to talk about this fascinating subject. i will begin with ken auletta, so
>> susie: a new page for google is a familiar one. co-founder larry page moves into the c.e.o. role at the web search giant. >> this is the case where the grownups were in charge, and now, the kids-- in this case, the founders-- are coming back. and i think they are going to add just a level of understanding of the business that the grownups didn't quite have. >> tom: the change at the top comes as google's growth strategy pays off, with another quarter of exceptional earnings. you're watching "nightly business report" for thursday, january 20. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possible by: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. captioning sponsored by wpbt >> susie: good evening, everyone. a big-- and surprising-- top management change at google tonight. eric schmidt is out as c.e.o., and google co-founder larry page takes over the top job, as of april 4. tom, schmidt will stay on at the company as executive chairman, and as he said on twitter, "day- to-
suspects are held in one of the biggest crackdowns in history. googled's fourth quarter profits are over shattered by a force -- by a leadership -- are overshadowed by a leadership shake up. my name is mike embley. coming up later, the world geological organization says 2010 was on average one of the warmest years on record. and it is not easy being green. this family's eco-friendly prize may lack a few comforts. >> hello, sad to say there is a lot of competition for the title of "most violent place" in afghanistan. many, many afghans have been killed in here. british troops have held it at great cost. now u.s. marines have replaced the british and 26 have died in just four months, but they are also claiming dramatic successes. the bbc correspondent has been embedded with a u.s. marine battalion. >> this was the most dangerous place in afghanistan. four months after u.s. marines arrived, it looks peaceful. it is too soon to see if it will last, but the marines did it, they say, with a change in tactics. the posts were closed, freeing forces to pursue the taliban. >> i felt that throughou
and computers in offices. of google and facebook. in america, innovation does not just change our lives, it is how we make our living. >> lawmakers made a show of solidarity sitting together and we will have more from washington in just 11 minutes. >>> google is adding jobs and they will hire 6200 additional employees. jana katsuyama is live with this story. >> reporter: the lights are on and new hires are on the horizon, outlining a plan to hire thousands. >> reporter: today we talked sweet treats, and today had google more to smile about. they stated that 2011 will be the biggest hiring year in the company's history and its needed 6200 jobs worldwide. the internet search giant has one big profits in online ad revenues in its looking to expand. >> a lot of the work will probably come from acquisitions. >> reporter: it came just as yahoo announced up to 150 layoffs. this afternoon some employees told me they had not heard about the cuts and a spokeswoman said about 1% of employees are affected and they say yahoo is struggling to keep up with google. >> they have a good news program, i
at two of the biggest and best-known companies. google and hewlett-packard. >> that is right. the announcement from google overshadowed by solid 4th quarter earnings report. and google founders are shoveling their responsibility was eric schmidt. abc 7's david louie is live tonight with more on this sudden change, david, and what it means for the company. >> this will be the same people at the top at google. eric schmidt gets a new title which some imply he's being pushed aside but this is apparently not the case here. >> google revenue up 26% compared to a year ago. why change ceos? here is what eric schmidt said. >> i believe larry ready. his ideas are interesting and clever. it's time to do a fantastic job. >> and reluctant to say schmidt has done anything wrong. he worked to make google a giant advertising platform bringing you tube into the fold. google hasn't made a dent and has stumbled on tv. and analysts think that will be the focus in the new job. >> maybe google needs more in in washington, d.c. and and. >> page was enthusiastic about embracing his new duties. >> i
. >> google is going to hire about 6000 people. good news right? >> i'm thinking about putting a rise in may and, that's where they have a benefit over group on that they are going to acquire perry had their mature company with 30,000 + employees. well established company and when you have that many people and a lot of google employes have grown with the pds page they invented something kind of cool. if the dome for high- quality employees and a screening process. -and a tough economy i would like to work at google and i'd like to work at google in a good economy. the doings of the correct. >> a lot of people would love to work for google. >> they have free food on their campus, even their five years to get the google 60. whatever that's worth. >> rob is coming back were blended talk about just in bieber, the super bowl and the bieber fever. the search for juliani card you as the 4 year-old boy was kidnapped by his mother's former boyfriend jose rodriguez. it is picture also on the screen. it happened last tuesday while juliani was at his grandmother's: the central valley area of paterson. p
. your choices today may be sunscreen or sun hats. >> and infrared vision googles this morning to see through the fog, mike. >> yeah. it's pretty thick in some areas. the tulie fog moving through the east bay kind of rapidly this morning. three of us here kind of came through the same area. i didn't see any fog. i won't say the other two came to work later than i did but they did see fog later on in the morning. low to mid-40s throughout the valleys. mid to upper 40s around the bay shore. 53 in san francisco to 61 half moon bay. as far as your 24 hour temperature change, oakland, novato, santa rosa the same. antioch 2 degrees cooler. half moon bay, 18 degrees warmer this morning than yesterday. have the fog around around through the 8:00 hour. temperatures jump by noon. antioch a little behind because of the fog and by 4:00 in the afternoon we're all back into the 60s with sunshine. here's a look at your 7-day forecast. day eight of record high temperatures. tomorrow day night possible and then it's over as we will settle into seasonal conditions with more cloud cover and cooler condi
that google relationship with the white house is a little too cozy. >> plus the economic boost from making the splendor splendid again. >> shot in the arm to ship suppliers and the airport parts coming in. >> accu-weather forecast cente center. warm spell continues we may see some record high tomorrow.i'll show you where in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and the god father of modern filth needs. tonight one of his disciples former governor schwarzenegger looks back at is sz. >> consumer group is calling for congressional investigation into what it says is google cozy relationship with the government specifically the obama administration. moffit field opened and operated by nasa few miles away from google headquarters in mountain view. vick has the story. >>reporter: consumer watch dog says the most visible sign of google clout with washington is moffitt field. that it has become google private airport. the jets flying executives to junkett and vacation in the caribbean and cannes film festival. president of consumer watch dog. >> we have 40 google executives with access to 6
st. and back to the future a management reshovel at google larry page retake to take the reigns as ceo. >>> china's president calls for increased economic cooperation on a visit to capitol hill. but lawmakers give him a less than warm welcome. >>> and south korea counts the cost of a livestock call. we'll look at the impact of footand mouth outbreak and what it's having on the country's meat imports but right now have a look at the european market m. they've been opened about half an hour and positive employment and housing data from the u.s. seems to be helping them along. traders still cautious about interest rate rises in chin. possibly on the cards. and outweighed largely by commodity stocks because commodity prices have been rising. that's having a good impact on the miners and the oil manages as well. and positive so far today, andrew. business climate index due to be released any moment so the markets watching that as well. different picture in asia. >> yeah it is actually, max, it's interesting the shanghai effect still very much alive and well concerns about the strong
an internet giant why google's ceo is stepping aside for a younger man. plus, this -- >>> meet the women of ukraine's topless protest movement. yep, that's right. topless protest movement. we'll explain this one for you here on "world one." >>> first up this hour former prime minister's tony blair appear for a second time at the official inquiry into the iraq war. now he arrived at the hearing in central london just a short while ago to answer questions about his government's decision to invade iraq. he first spoke to the inquiry almost exactly a year ago and now he's been called back to give more evidence. the panel's saying that it wants to clear up some of the discrepancies from blair's last round of testimony. cnn's phil black. hi, phil, what's the point doing all of this again? >> reporter: well, zain, this is really all about detail and clarification. that's what the iraqi inquiry says. it says that at this light stage in its investigation, it still doesn't have a complete picture of a number of key points, key moments in the period of time that it is examining and looking at brita
group is calling for what it's calling a cozy rip with the obama administration. issue is the google use of moffett field owned and operated by nasa. just miles from mountain view. and vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. >> this is the report with consumer watch dogs sent to the oversite committee. the group says google has what it calls a secret relationship with nasa and questionable deals. saying the sign of the clout is moffett field. that is become the private airport and jets flying to vacations in the caribbean and cannes film festival. >> there are 40 executive was access, six jets two. helicopters. and flight records show eric schmidt are using jets to go to cannes film festival partying with mick jagger and glenn close. >> according to records, google is paying about $120,000 a month to house the aircraft. and watch dogs question whether the company is getting a deal on the rent. >> they may be paying rent. and there is a government fuel. we don't know how that compares to jet fuel in a private airport. >> and there is other agencies. and services are used. >> google has
ways sickular process. let's say google right now is in its golden age. it's full of smart people, they have swimming pools and volleyball courts. you know, it's in this moment where they're like, this is really special be. undoubtedly, within five or ten years they will turn their interests in innovation into an interest into trying to stay in power. every organization begins to decay and become rotten. and while i'll agree there are advantages to these giant institutions, we haven't figured out a way to get rid of them when they start to rot. we need, essentially, term limits for monopolists. we understand this in politics. no matter who the president is, after eight years he's going to be president. if you let him go forever, he's going to try to set up his own kingdom. and be my belief is not that monopolists are terrible, they just stay around too long. at&t was in power for 70 years, but by the '50s, they had lost it. well, we can argue about that. >> i want to get to questions, but i want to ask one that's somewhat interesting ander relevant. part of both of your books is a
you where it all happen using google earth. >> it happened here on miter road kind of analogous area. hear what our google earth map you can see where the internet. pg is confirming 269 customers are without power that's just a few minutes ago run for 50 2:00 p.m. they confirm that. crews are on scene trying to get power back up for customers. or is expected to be restored to everyone by about 6:00 p.m.. according to the contra costa sheriff's department they said the road right here along the side of the home that was closed as of 3:30 p.m. it will remain closed for several hours. >> toward developing story at of paterson and it is now but one week since 4 year- old the juliani cardenas disappeared with his mother's former boyfriend. today the search is what is again focusing on the patterson canal. dan curman is live in paterson today with the latest on the search and what was found. dan. >> this is the canal they're searching and to south of here crews have just found another object under the water. they cannot say whether it's the vehicle they're looking for or whether it's a veh
sure google can find you. >> first and foremost, you have to have great content, unique, relevant authoritative content that say whose you are and what you do and what you sell. we say add a page of content a day to your site if you can do it. >> it's not just enough to have a good site out there. you have to be adding stuff. even if it's not in your business plan to add stuff, it has to be in your seo plan sglp the easiest way to do it is have a blog and put forth good information there. >> when you say factor in social media, how does that help? >> this is actually, as of a couple months ago, google announced they'll start using social media indicators, twitter feeds and facebook updates and start incorporate rating those because that's how people are communicating. >> does that mean how many tweets you out out or how many are written about you. >> you want to be positive and engaged in that. it's important to be aware of what's being said and also be part of the conversation. it's a two-way vehicle. >> the more that's being talked about, more stuff that's being generated on soc
, and in silicon valley, there is a renewed sense of hope following google's announcement. the company plans to hire more employees this year than ever before, another 6,000. but as abc7's lisa amin gulezian reports, the jobs may be hard to come by. >> the unemployment rate in silicon valley remains in double digits. that's why google's plan to hire more than 6,000 employees couldn't come at a better time. >> are you going to be applying? >> yes, i will be applying. >> at the state employment development department in sunnyvale, there was a surge of excitement at the thought of working for google. >> it is up lifting for lots of people for the valley and for the country. >> 2011 will be the biggest hiring year in google's history. this thanks to the success of the android phone and the chrome computers. >> they will mostly be looking for engineers, but they will be looking for marketing people and ad sales people. >> the jobs are in 19 u.s. cities and all over europe, asia and the middle east. and they range from finance and human resources to project management and engineering. >> i work fo
who won't be tipping off police. >> the cozy relationship between government and google. a congressional investigation. >> plus the vallejo city council considers a plan to dig out of bankruptcy. why years of promises may be shattered. >> and medical marijuana. it now comes in liquid form. the concern this is a strawberry pop-tart. and this is the warm fresh baked taste... of a strawberry toaster strudel. see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. than listening there'to our favorite songs. there's nothing we love more than listening to our favorite songs. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america ♪ oh, oh, oh you can see >> welcome back. it's time for your lower 48 forecast. notice the cold air continues to retreat. only fargo, minneapolis, chicago underneath the 32 degree mark. st. louis right at it. heading to the northeast, 32 boston. heading to the northwest, 50 seattle and portland 6 in phoenix. we have rain moving through the southeast
alone any time soon. >>> more than 6,000 added jobs, bay area's base google is going on a hiring spree. jana katsuyama reports, google plans to add more people this year than ever before. >> today we saw sweet treats, not on a plate but on the lawn outside google's building 44. a giant cup cake, a claire and a sunday. each for names of android mobile phones systems. today google had more to smile about after they announced they are hiring people. >> as opposed to try to develop it from scratch, a lot of those numbers will come from acquisitions they're going to make. >> reporter: the news came after yahoo from sunnyvale announced cuts. 1% of yahoo's 13,600 employees are affected. >> there's still a decent destination site. they have a good news program, good information program going on. but i still think they are struggling with what it is they want to do. >> reporter: as for google, the aggressive hiring could be a bellwether for the economy if other companies follow suit. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >>> and more details now, google's news sent stocks higher today. at the close a sha
google is going on a hiring spree. jana katsuyama reports, google plans to add more people this year than ever before. >> today we saw sweet treats, not on a plate but on the lawn outside google's building 44. a giant cup cake, a claire and a sunday. each for names of android mobile phones systems. today google had more to smile about after they announced they are hiring people. >> as opposed to try to develop it from scratch, a lot of those numbers will come from acquisitions they're going to make. >> reporter: the news came after yahoo from sunnyvale announced cuts. 1% of yahoo's 13,600 employees are affected. >> there's still a decent destination site. they have a good news program, good information program going on. but i still think they are struggling with what it is they want to do. >> reporter: as for google, the aggressive hiring could be a bellwether for the economy if other companies follow suit. jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >>> and more details now, google's news sent stocks higher today. at the close a share sold for more than $619 up more than $8. that's an increase of 1.44%.
youtube and google since we share a lot of infrastructure and there's economy -- >> are you the biggest bandwidth use other the internet? you have to be pretty close? >> i'm sure we're a large one. >> does this cost go down materially just when the acquisition happened? just being part of google, did that shove down the cost? the economy to scale? >> well, i'm sure there's some agreements we were able to negotiate together. i dwoent know if it went down instantly. i think probably the bigger factor, as you scale the amount of video you stream across the internet you're able to find better efficiencies. it's not just about paying less for bandwidth, it's about using less, so we have some smart engineers that take videos and push them as close to the edge as possible and try to get it so the individual your seeing is coming as close to as what you're seeing with the least band width. like youtube, we spend a lot of time making sure that works. >> you're spending a lot of time compressing video down to take advantage of that. at the same time, you are expanding the quality. recently moving
and best known companies. google and hewlett-packard. nounment from google today overshadowed a solid fourth quarter earning report. up 26 percent far more than expected. google founder page and grin are shuffling their responsibilities with schmid who has been the company ceo for 10 years. more tonight from money scope reporter david. >>reporter: geeling is flying high financially. it reported its fourth quarter results today. revenue up 26 percent compared to a year ago. so why change ceo? here's what eric schmid said on the earnings conference call. >> i believe larry is ready. he's been working on this area for a long time. his ideas are very interesting and clever and time for him to have a shot at running this and doing it i'm sure he will do a fantastic job. >>reporter: analyst reluctant to say schmid has done anything wrong. he worked with the co-found tore make google the dominant search engine and giant advertising platform. he brought you tube into the fold. but google hadn't made a dent in social networking against facebook. it has also stumbled trying to be a
into the weekend. details of for the forecast coming up. we are back and talk about the big changes at google. >> i think it is time. google is a great company. they beat microsoft and ended off microsoft. dr. schmidt came to the company to babysit the young founders and turn the company into a great ipo. he has done as good job. he came from a nobel and before that he came from semite systems. as a computer science degree. he is perfect as far as the past this. they need him to think it said the box. to really go after face book and to go after companies like apple. >> of us is when disabled we see him during that is different. >> more stuff on face book. i micro level. trying to pump face book out or they do things incorrect late like they're just too big of the situation. google is in the right place. and the no. 1 web page in the world. they're doing something san and becoming more irrelevant. relevance like yahoo. will not happen for 5-10 years. i like that they're making it sooner rather than later. >> 39 running one of the biggest companies of the world. his other known as the guy who really
. google is hiring, as 6200 workers which could be the largest expansion we have seen from that company. if you're looking for a job make sure you know exactly what you are applying for. >> be aware from work from home offers. these are tempting, they promise thousands of dollars for little hours. better business bureaus warned the most are not real. especially the ones that offer you to work with to go. they say if you post links, for google google will track what you do and pay you anywhere from 50-a dozen dollars a day. you're supposed to receive at business kid in the mail their walks you through of work or for google. they have reported they received hundreds of complaints from people who've tried these jobs it results in their credit-card bills monthly for a $80 or more. the victims were not able to make any money. google has said they do not pay people to work from home posting links, filling out forms. if you see one on the web from google ignore it. any other work from home job offer their requires a sign that feed i recommend you check with the better business bureau make sure
of the week and no rain right now. >>> coming up next, thousands of jobs expected at google and that doesn't mean the company will hire more people. and we'll explain. >>> americans are the most obese and inactive people on earth. strong comments from a new study. what one stanford professor is doing to reverse the unhealthy trend. >>> good morning, if you're driving anywhere soon, the traffic is moving well on the way to the south bay. >> good morning, dense fog advisory. it's thick. the north bay and east bay and it's going to be a beautiful day, upper 70s -- 60s, low 70s. >>> today is the start of mac world and with a new home. overnight, the workers were putting the final touches. the event will be opened to the public. and mac world will be in masconi west, and organizers are expecting the biggest crowds ever w. >> we're up about 25% in preregistered attendance and that she is growing again. >> and if you want to see the broader world of products related to the mac or ipod or iphone, mac world is the place to do that. >> it used to be considered the computer equivalent of a star trek
investigate google for getting what it called special deals because of its close relationship with the obama administration. this group says google's clout enabled the company to house jets and helicopters at moffett field air scrip and says they used defense department jet fuel. >> we have 40 google executive was six sets, two helicopters and flight records show executives are using jets to go to cannes film festival, partying with mick jagger and glenn close. >> google declined a request for an interview choosing to reply with a statement quote this is the latest from an organization admitting to working closely with our competitor. and this is referring to a consumer watch dog relationship with microsoft. >> and watchers says jerry brown broke a promise saying this proposal will not include pension reform, believing the rising costs will force to us pay higher taxes or push california into bankruptcy. >> and we need to come up with something that is going to be more aligned with what the private sector does, such as a defined contribution system instead of defined benefits system. >> i do
reported strong profit. >>> google reacted to news of the shakeup. google stock was up slightly after yesterday's closing bell. google anowed that company cofounder larry page will take over, a position he held during the early stage. that upstaged google's fourth quarter earning which increased by 4%. >>> a company named angry bird is migrating to another form ofplatform. it is now an animated series. it is not clear if the series will be web based or for television but the ceo of rodeo mobile is focusing on broadcast content. angry birds first appeared on i phones but now is available in traditional platforms, including game consoles. >>> nobody knows if the clydesdale will be on, but budweiser has locked the spot for the sponsor for the next four games. to you can watch the super bowl right here on ktvu. >>> the minnesota metrodome that caved in during a snowstorm last month may not be ready for the vikings' preseason game. the roof collapsed under the weight of heavy snow in early december. you will remember these pictures. right now, official still have not decided whether or not
about the site have you been visiting more than google. another milestone for facebook. for the firs,,,, ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odor block technology... help neutralize odors and stop the stinkies. ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty time, it has surpassed google as the most visited website in the >>> another milestone for facebook. for the first time it has surpassed google as the most visited website in theunited states. 9% of all visits between january and november of this year. google was second with just over 7% of all visits. in just six years facebook has become the world's largest web social network with half a billion users worldwide. >>> get this. childhood obesity can start before most babies start eating solid food. researchers found that one third of 9-month-olds are obese or overweight as are 34% of 2 year olds. the study was published. being overweight at 9 months researchers say sets the stage for weight problems as early as 2 years old. >>> check yo
. that is to say let's say google right now is and it's kind of golden age and full of smart people. they have a swimming pools and volleyball courts. is in this moment where they are like it is really special. undoubtedly within five or 10 years they will turn their interest and innovations into an interest in the same power. they are trying to make sure this doesn't happen but every organization begins to decay them become rotten so i will agree with you there advantages to these gigantic institutions but we haven't figured a way to get rid of them when they start to rot. we need essentially term limits bar monopolies. into stand and politics no matter who the president is after year he is going to be crazy. he is going to -- if you let them go for every is going to try to set up his own -- become the king. my belief is not monopolies are terrible. does they stay around long. at&t was in power for 70 years and by the 50s at already lost it in my opinion. we can disagree about that. >> let me switch because i want to get to audience questions and i want to ask one question a little bit off po
. thanks so much. >> just ahead, a change at the top for google. switch in the ceo chair,. >> the miraculous transplant that gave a woman back her voice. >> i'm janelle wang, former giants baseball star barry bonds will soon be headed for trial. today a hearing on damaging evidence, it could be a strikeout for the prosecution and a home [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it'siber none. looks like one. well, i know. i put an "n" there. ah! fiber one honey clusters cereal! that's really good! it tastes good, so there can't be fiber in it! it's actually got about half a day's worth of fiber. [ asst mgr ] it says so right on the box. [ fiber seeker ] really? try it. [ mr. mehta ] honey, touch of brown sugar, crunchy clusters -- any cardboard? cardboard no, delicious yes. so where's the fiber? maybe it's in the honey clusters. [ male announcer ] fiber one. cardboard no, delicious yes. >>> it's 6:13. google chief executive eric schmidt is stepping down in a surprise shakeup. larry paige is reclaiming the top job. schmidt was brought in ceo a decade ago because go
a seven-day. stay with us. we will be right back with a great seven-to forecast-- yye >> boston, google, and rounded out the top five. 13 companies have been on the list for 14 years. big names, microsoft, cisco systems, goldman sachs, whole foods in four seasons hotel. when of the best parks at the four seasons hotel. the best-perks, they can stay anywhere for four seasons, for free. no matter the location, and the of 150,000 job openings right now. in new york. >> and internet reporter, kimberly sakamoto. what bay- area companies make that list and why. >> these bay-area icompanies take care of their employees. google = #four. with mountain view, and they've created the 4 01 k a match - and free food, and the 10% cash bonus. and holiday bonus. also, number one in 2009 was a net to end this is a relief rebound year for them. hiring hundreds of new employees. 20 = cisco, san francisco the largest providers of on a child child care. and 90% of the employees can work from home or on their own. no. 35. that 20 percent off for pet projects, sabbaticals, and courtesy vehicles. stay with us.
... good! more than a snack. >>> can you imagine the world without google? >> yes. >> yes. i remember the world without google. >> well, coming up, we're going to meet and talk about a new website trying to outdo google. it searches and also talks back to you. is this the next big thing or just more hype? happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business. and give it a whole new life! with the aveeno nourish plus moisturize collection. the only hair care with active naturals wheat formulas, that target even the weakest parts of hair with hydrating proteins to help repair damage in just 3 washes. for softer, stronger... ... hair with life. [ female announcer ] aveeno nourish plus. an
homeland. >> google's top executive is getting a new title. now eric schmidt may be ready for prime time. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with general motors within striking distance of being number one again. worldwide sales fell 4,000 short of beating toyota last year and expects to sell more vehicles this year. the reason, china. sold more vehicles here than here. mcdonald's is warning that it may raise prices this year to deal with the rising cost of beef and other ingredients. the price hike will be on selected items and not an across the board increase. the food industry has unveiled a new label designed to help shoppers make healthier choices. it includes salt, sugar, calories on the front of the package. the irs has a new app for the i-phone and on dried phone that tracks refunds. >> a decision whether a family will be deported to guatemala. it took 20 years for his asylum request to be processed and then denied. the american-born daughters are free to go. their mother went last year to prepare for the
schmidt, 55 year-old. he was brought in one decade ago. and he will remain as an adviser. google is in the top five of fortune magazine's top company to work for. the top spot for second years in a row, is a software provider, sas, boston consulting is no. 2, and also wholefoods. and google is no. 4 purify net apps is the top fives, and with employees service, pay, benefit program. and home prices dropped in the bay area. it went down to $ 375 k. it fell by 1%. and about 7800 in 2009. and last month, sales jumped almost 18 percent. foreclosures accounted for 31% of last month's sales. fewer people applied for unemployment. with modest job growth. and with 4000, that is far below what is succeeding march of 2009. they're expecting job numbers to look better, soon. last month. the 9.4 percent unemployment rate. >> and a full forecast coming up. >> and a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems east on, westbound. the traffic is flowing, well. we will be back. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool.
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